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Souls Of Spirit Expos purpose is to create community awareness of spirituality by bringing together vendors sharing their modalities of healing, journeys and awareness with communities to assist in uplifting each other and awakening to the reality that we are souls having a human experience.
Souls Of Spirit believes that as a divine soul it is our duty to help others to become more mindful and aware of their energy we put out into the Universe and how our energy and the energy of others affect our daily lives.
In my awakening I have found the world to be a magical place where you can create your own reality if you truly believe.  People spend their lifetime searching for what their calling is and I have found mine.  I am a soul connector who brings people and communities that are looking for the answers together with healers who help them find that the answers have been within themselves the whole time.
Blessings, Lori Lashman

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Tanie Rae

Garret Duncan

Roland Achenjang interviews Lori Lashman, owner of Souls Of Spirit Expos, LLC, sharing how she became aware of and lived through her Dark Night of The Soul Experiences!

Lori Lashman, owner of Souls of Spirit, LLC is

interviewed by Jennifer Lonnberg

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