SOS Holistic Healing Center 

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

1310 Burdick Expy E.

Minot, ND  58701

SOS Holistic Healing Center’s purpose is to bring healers, positive energy and light into the community by sharing what we as spiritual beings have learned and support you on your journey. 

We have merchandise which includes all things spiritual; essential oils, sprays, soaps, crystals, tarot/oracle cards, jewelry, sage, incense, candles, greeting cards, gifts, plants, beautiful hand crafted items and so much more! 

Our beautiful space has a Common Room which we will be offering; classes, workshops, galleries etc.  

Meet Our Practitioners

Some of our practitioners are available for walk-ins on certain days. All of practitioners offer appointments and
may be able to work with your schedule. Contact practitioners directly to schedule your appointment. 

Natasha Hall-  “Red Star Woman”

Monday – Friday, 11am – 5pm
Sessions also available via zoom.
▪︎Balance Therapy
▪︎Holistic Mentoring
▪︎Interconnectedness Meditation
▪︎Oracle Card Sessions
▪︎Personal Readings

“Natasha Hall (Red Star Woman) is a member of the MHA Nation (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation), and also carries lineage from the Dakota, Lakota, Cree, Assiniboine and Navajo. She graduated from White Shield High School and later attended college at Nueta, Hidatsa, Sanish College in New Town, ND. Natasha has learned so much over the course of her life and has accomplished many beautiful tasks. She has been previously Certified as a Tribal Probation Officer with The Tribal Probation Academy (Fox Valley Technical College, WA). and is certified as a Facilitator for NAFFA (Native American Fathers & Families Association). With her belief that everyone can heal themselves, she has created and facilitates a healing support group, “Indigenous Women Inner Healing”, for women who are going through there healing process and searching for support. She also facilitates Meditation Therapy with the group and others. Her belief is that “When we heal ourselves, we heal the Universe”. Natasha is an inner healing advocate whose sole purpose is to bring inspiration, love and support to the Universe and all those who are in need.

It was through her healing that she had found her purpose to help others with the tools she was given. To help others connect with themselves, heal within and learn a newer way of being. She believes that through every healing, there is a teaching, all teachings from our true being.”

Jessica Fred

Monday & Friday 11am-4pm
Sessions also available via zoom.

  • Holistic Mentoring
  • Rapid Holistic Hypnosis sessions
  • Astrological & Human Design birth chart analysis
  • Relationship Compatibility analysis & mentoring
  • Chakra balancing (in office only)
Products available in office:
  • Original Artwork
  • Natural Essential Oil lip balm & solid perfumes

“Jessica Fred is a ND native, born in Minot and graduated from Newburg High School. She attended college at NDSU-Fargo for about two years until leaving school to pursue other interests. Jessica has always been a self-motivated learner and has spent her life growing her knowledge base on natural health practices, most recently completing Marisa Peer’s online hypnosis training called Rapid Transformational Therapy. She has previously been a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Council for Strength and Fitness and did extra coursework in nutrition. She created her own weight loss group in Kenmare and helped several women transform their bodies. Jessica completed her own transformation by reducing her weight by over 100 lbs, changing her mindset, and continuously improving her health over the course of the last 17 years. Jessica is currently offering her vast knowledge base on holistic health practices as a Holistic Mentor, using her expertise in nutrition, exercise, mind set changes, hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and birth chart analysis using both Astrology and Human Design. Jessica is a healing and transformation catalyst whose mission is to empower all people to overcome childhood trauma and conditioned beliefs to create a more loving and peaceful existence for all. In her spare time, Jessica loves to read, hike, ride her motorcycle, play pool, grow plants, make Kombucha, spend time with her partner and two sons, and pursue more learning in sustainability, sovereignty, and all things holistic.”

All services are available by appointment only, except Chakra balancing, which is available as a walk in option during office hours if I have time available. Stop by to connect with me, make appointments, and see my products during office hours!

ShawnyaKay Meland

Available by Appointment Only
Call or Text 707-500-1116

  • Mediumship
  • Healings
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Lenomard Card Readings
  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Reiki

“I witnessed my first spirits when I was only five years of age. Growing up, there was always spirit activity in our home. Later, in my teenage years, I was placed in foster care. While in foster care I, I felt alone and became very depressed and suicidal. This is when I heard my first message. It was three very powerful words. “I AM HERE” The message was so loud that I picked my crying face out of my hands to see who was there. I saw no one around me. I lived out in the country, so I knew it wasn’t a neighbor. As I lifted my face, I felt a loving warmth come over me and an overwhelming wave of peace blanket over me. After I met my husband, we lived in several houses which turned out to all have activity in them. Throughout my adult life I received random messages and vision, but never pursed my gifts. Eventually I started going to a women’s bible study. This is where I received non-stop messages to the members of the bible study. I had no choice, the messages would become so loud and intense until I delivered them. During this time, I had a few messages for my pastor. While delivering one of the messages, I was pulled to put my hand over her womb and pray and I received a message for her that her womb is now healed. As she was crying and hugging me, I learned that she had a miscarriage. This was my first healing. I eventually stopped going to the bible study and pulled away from the spirit world again. It wasn’t until my mother passed away that I really delved into my gifts and connecting to spirits. I reached out to a medium who offered to mentor me. I learned how to connect with spirit and this is when I felt a strong calling to heal. I received several messages to “HEAL MY CHILDREN”. Once I was comfortable in my ability of healing, I decided to become certified in Reiki healing. During this time of connecting to spirits and practicing my healings, I felt compelled to buy my first deck of Tarot Cards. I learned how to read traditional tarot cards and then got into oracle cards. Once I learned how to read those, I was curious what other type of reading cards are out there. I found that there is something called Lenormand cards and learned those. It has become a strong passion! I love all three types of cards as they all offer a different kind of guidance. “