Red Star Woman- Natasha Hall

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Balance Therapy

 A holistic healing modality that clears all trauma  energy from emotional wounds, physical wounds, past traumas and intergenerational trauma. It also clears the mind of all thought processes that keeps an individual stuck in one’s thoughts or patterns of processing challenges. – $150 Session

Holistic Mentoring
A program that helps an individual come into their entirety of their oneness. This program comes with balance therapy, interconnectedness meditation, health care plan for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual care. Many exercises are utilized to help one come into their understanding of their spirituality and awareness. (Journal Included).
* Individuals can pay by the session to help with personal budget.
* Continuous training is available after package is finished. (if needed)
$750 +
Interconnectedness Meditation

A guided meditation that is focused on bringing one into their oneness with all the elements and directions of the universe, as well as all the relatives in the universe (animals and plants). One may even receive guidance during their meditation to help them in their everyday life.

Oracle & Tarot (Guidance) Readings

Guidance readings through oracle cards or Tarot card readings to help you with reading the past, present and future. $30 Session
*Free readings also done on Facebook Page “Red Star Woman”


Receiving messages from a loved one.

$60 Session

Personal Readings

Guidance messages to help you with any challenges of the past or present that an individual may have. Intuitive guidance may come through to help you with the health of your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

$60 Session  Phone: 701-421-1014
Office Hours Monday & Wednesday       12pm – 6pm
by appointment only until further notice
Sessions also available via Zoom. 

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“Natasha Hall (Red Star Woman) is a member of the MHA Nation (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation), and also carries lineage from the Dakota, Lakota, Cree, Assiniboine and Navajo. She graduated from White Shield High School and later attended college at Nueta, Hidatsa, Sanish College in New Town, ND. Natasha has learned so much over the course of her life and has accomplished many beautiful tasks. She has been previously Certified as a Tribal Probation Officer with The Tribal Probation Academy (Fox Valley Technical College, WA). and is certified as a Facilitator for NAFFA (Native American Fathers & Families Association). With her belief that everyone can heal themselves, she has created and facilitates a healing support group, “Indigenous Women Inner Healing”, for women who are going through there healing process and searching for support. She also facilitates Meditation Therapy with the group and others. Her belief is that “When we heal ourselves, we heal the Universe”. Natasha is an inner healing advocate whose sole purpose is to bring inspiration, love and support to the Universe and all those who are in need.

It was through her healing that she had found her purpose to help others with the tools she was given. To help others connect with themselves, heal within and learn a newer way of being. She believes that through every healing, there is a teaching, all teachings from our true being.”

The Red Star Women Office

When you schedule an appointment with Natasha Hall at the SOS Holistic Healing Center you can be rest assured that you will have privacy as well as a relaxing environment. Check out the photos below for a preview of what to expect in Natasha’s office.