ShawnyaKay Meland

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With the help of God, my spirit team, and your spirit team we can connect with your loved ones.  Every reading is very different from one another.  The spirits earthly personalities come through to show how special and unique they are.  The spirits run the show and I am called to go with the flow to deliver to you their agenda or messages. You and the spirits will leave the session feeling more at peace and with a sense of closure.    

Emotional & Reiki Healing

I have a unique way in which I heal your mind, body, and soul.  I have been called to help our God or the Higher Power to heal your emotions.  God uses me to heal depression, anxiety, addictions, marital connections, trauma, abuse, and so much more.  I am also certified in Reiki 1&2.  Through Reiki, the Higher Power uses me to balance, clear, and heal your chakras.  I combine the very different healings to make it my own one-of-a-kind healing experience.  Often times your spirit team will provide guidance through this healing and help me to pinpoint the cause of the pain or trauma.  I also heal aches and pains through our spiritual teams. This can be performed either as a distant healing where I send the energies to you or at my office face to face. Energy has no end and no boundary so its just as strong either way.

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

This service provides you with guidance in specific areas of you life, such as relationships, jobs, finances, moving, other peoples intentions towards you, etc.  You can also get general readings that give you guidance to what your spirit team feels is important for you to hear right now.  With the card readings, your team usually comes through to give more pin point direction for the subjects at hand.  These card readings with guidance from your team usually take about an hour.  The rate for a card reading is $35 and can be performed in person, on-line, through text, or by phone.


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“I have always had a passion to help others.  Since I was 15 years of age, I have been in the medical field in one way or another.  I worked at a few nursing homes, have done home health care, worked at the psychiatric floor of the hospital for adolescents as well as at CAPH (Children and Adolescents Partially Hospitalized) and I currently work with adults with mental health and addictions.  I currently hold countless certifications in mental health.  My passion has always been to help others and to help them help themselves in order to find peace within and to share peace with others. Another goal I am passionate about is to help people to become survivors instead of a victim of their life.”

ShawnyaKay’s Office

When you schedule an appointment with ShawnyaKay at the SOS Holistic Healing Center you can be rest assured that you will have privacy as well as a relaxing environment. Check out the photos below for a preview of what to expect in ShawnyaKay’s office.