The Difference A Holistic Approach – Shelly Bohl 

The Difference – A Holistic Approach is a nonprofit that takes the innovative approach to address energy healing for those who suffer from past trauma. Our mission is to bring awareness of the improved functional differences from energy and holistic modalities (techniques). The goals are to educate on the effectiveness of holistic healing and to provide energy healing to anyone who has experienced trauma – three sessions from local practitioners at no cost. The vision of this agency is to create a society where holistic healing is recognized and accepted for the progressive healing of our generation. What makes this effort so unique is that it is the only project of this kind in the state of North Dakota.

Available by Appointment Only 

Phone: 701-263-5518  Website:

“It is difficult to witness the suffering of those who have experienced trauma and think there is nothing can be done. What most are not aware of is that you carry all that trauma, anxiety, and fear with you, and the traumas continue to affect every aspect of your life. Seeing that need for the healing of so many led to the development of an agency to bring a new approach to the suffering survivors – at no cost to them.” ~Shelly Bohl

What We Do

If you are interested in healing from past trauma, we are here to help. The office is not open every day so you will need to call to set up an appointment. We will explain more about energy healing and provide a ‘mini-session’ to alleviate any questions or concerns you may have about this work. Once you complete an in-take and waiver, you will receive a referral list of local practitioners. You make the appointment with the practitioner of your choice and once the session has been conducted, the practitioner submits the billing to The Difference. We will then send an evaluation to you so we may monitor how energy healing has impacted you. The statistical data collected from the in-take and evaluation strengthens our ability to submit grant applications and solicit charitable donations to continue this work as there is no cost to you – our services are free. The services provided by The Difference are open to anyone who has experienced trauma. Please give us a call at 701-263-5518 or stop in to visit about the many benefits of energy healing. Our address is 420 20th Ave SE Suite 2 in Minot, ND. You can also visit our website: