Meet Lori Lashman

My intention for “Souls Of Spirit Expos”  is to further expand what spiritual and holistic expos look like.   I am transforming them into something that serves the Soul and involving the communities participation.

My job is to create a physical environment to showcase alternative healing and what we can do together in a conscious effort  to help heal ourselves and our communities; spiritually, emotionally  and physically.

You may call it Universal Energy, God, Spirit, Higher Power, Intuition, Inner Being, etc.  Whatever you choose to call it, I myself call it God It is that energy that is with us in every fiber of our being and resides in every atom of everything around us.

We are not here to tell anyone what they should believe.  We are here to share what we have learned on our own journeys and to help make this world a little brighter place for those living in it.  We share several different healing modalities that have been around since the beginning of time.  Healing and a love that is within each of us that can give us peace and harmony in our busy lives.  

It is up to each individual to find that Inner Being (God, Higher Power, Intuition, etc) that was put within your soul since birth.   It is then up to those that have awakened to this truth to share their journeys and the tools they have used which have led to living a life in His peaceful presence.

I have been called a “Soul “Connector” by one of my amazing vendors and it  really resonated with me.  I feel I have been put on this earth to help connect people (Souls) with each other for whatever their needs may be.  I feel the Universe works in our favor to help make that happen.

I didn’t know God was real I knew the story about God and Jesus, etc but I didn’t know He was living and amongst us in every moment of our lives and every fiber of our being.  I read the Bible and find it to be very helpful in my life.  With that being said, I feel a lot of the metaphysical aspects were taken out of the Bible which in turn would make us be a more awakened species.

I went through a “Dark Night of the Soul” for four long scary years thinking the devil was after me.   I didn’t even know we had a Soul.  You hear about Souls in songs and poems but I didn’t know it was real either.    The “Dark Night of the Soul” is a real thing, you can google it and see what resonates with you and what doesn’t.  When you realize that you are not dying… It is your ego that is dying, you my friend are awakening.  It’s then that you realize it’s a good thing, not a bad thing.   You awaken to know that it’s not only God wanting you back, but it’s your Soul wanting God back.

I am very active in my church.  I am Lutheran. I have been a Youth Group Advisor, I volunteer to usher and offer communion,  I have served on the council as both secretary and treasurer, I assist with fund raising events, I am a member of WELCA, and whatever else I can do to be an active member of my church.  I love the fellowship my church provides and I feel very welcomed to be a part of it and my community.  This is not about Spirituality vs Religion, this is about a Oneness with God and everyone having their own belief that works for them.

I truly believe I have found my calling.  The reason I do what I do is because I feel it’s too important not to.  I believe once someone has awakened it’s their job and responsibility as being an awakened Soul to help others find this truth within themselves.