Vendor Information

Are you interested in being a vendor at one of our upcoming events? We would love to have you! Email to request a vendor contract.
Below you can find some more  information about cost, rules and terms of agreement.

Common Questions

How much does it cost to vend at these events?

Our 2020 vendor cost is $150 regular price or $125 early bird price. Early bird price runs until January 31st, 2020 for the Spring season and July 31st, 2020 for the fall season. This fee covers an approx. 80 sq ft space for one business.

How many people attend your events?

It honestly depends on the location but currently we average from 200 to 450 attendees per event and are always growing!

How do I become a speaker?

We are always looking for new speakers! If you would like to apply to be a speaker, send me an email to If I have space available in the city you are interested in, I am happy to give you a speaker spot. Speaker spots are non paid but speakers are promoted on our posters and event pages. Length of speaking spots is 30 minutes.

All speakers and gallery speakers do have to have paid vendor booths and will be available throughout the day at their booths.

Please note: 

The speaker time slots for each expo will be given in the order according to when signed vendor and speaker contracts as well as payment have all been received. 

So whomever we receive contracts AND payments for first gets earlier spots, and last gets later speaker spots. 

Can my friend and I share a booth?

Yes! We do allow shared booths however if it is 2 businesses making sales in the same booth, the cost is $60 more. Both vendors must stay in their assigned space. If you need more than 1 booth you are welcome to reserve additional booths. 

How do you choose Gallery speakers?

We are always accepting new gallery speakers! However since the Gallery event is the headliner of these events, we do require a test reading from all potential gallery speakers and we only choose Gallery speakers who we feel are a good fit for these events. Once in a while we do invite a gallery speaker based on reputation but we always love to have new fresh faces in our events when possible.

All speakers and gallery speakers do have paid vendor booths and will be available throughout the day at their booths.

What states do you currently host expos in?

Currently we host expos in North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota but we have no limits! We plan to add new cities and states as often as possible! If you are interested in us coming to your area send me an email at and let me know!

What are your vendor rules and terms of agreement?

Below is the same vendor rules and terms of agreement listed on our contracts. 


  1. Booth will not be reserved until signed contract and payment is received by Lori Lashman, owner of Souls Of Spirit Expos LLC. Lori Lashman  reserves the right to reject any applicant at any time by refunding the applicant for the amount paid for the exhibit space. Unless by written agreement by both vendor  and show producer, this agreement is non-cancelable.
  2. Vendor booths are for the exclusive use of the person(s) listed in this contract. 
  3. If you must cancel due to an emergency or weather, you can receive full credit towards a future expo valid for 1 year  OR 50% refund. If you are a NO SHOW with no written communication you will not be eligible for a refund or credit. 
  4. Vendors  must have booth assembled and running no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the show.  Dismantling of booths before the official close is strictly prohibited. No vendor shall have the right prior to the closing of event  to pack or remove articles from their booth without approval of Expo Manager. If any vendor breaks down before the end of the event without approval, a $75 fee will be charged. All booth display and material must be removed no later than 7pm and all trash must be cleaned from your area.
  5. Bringing small children is discouraged or they must stay in your assigned booth. 
  6. Liability for any loss to the vendors  shall not be the responsibility of the show producer nor the facility. Vendors are encouraged to carry insurance, covering trade shows and fairs, which insures their goods and exhibits against loss or damage. The vendor  also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the show producer and its employees against any and all claims arising out of acts of the vendor and/or his representative, or out of products, services or activities within or outside the vendor booth area. Vendors  are responsible for damage they cause to the facility, including labor charges to repair such damage. Vendors will be billed for such damage at an amount determined by the facility.
  7. Vendors  must conform to the all-local Police, City, and Fire laws, health regulations, electrical codes, and other local, state, and federal law, taxes and regulations. It is the vendors  responsibility to acquire any permits necessary to meet local regulations. 
  8. Lori Lashman  aka Souls Of Spirit Expos LLC  may cancel this agreement or reschedule an expo at any time. If cancellation is due to facility damage, snow, strike, act of war, act of God, state of emergency or any other reason that Lori Lashman sees fit the expo may be rescheduled. If a show is canceled and NOT rescheduled, refunds will be given if requested or can be used towards future events. 
  9. If you are not present at 9:30AM your booth will be taken down and floor plan will be adjusted. 
  10. In order to receive the early bird fee, you must have a check in the mail with a postmarked  date before or on the date written above or pay via Paypal or credit card. 
  11. Each booth may only have (1) business. If you sell/offer multiple services, that is accepted but only (1) person/business may be charging fees unless you have a shared booth which includes (2) people/businesses charging for or performing their services in the same 80 sq ft space.  
  12. If you have multiple employees (more than 3) please reserve multiple booths. Space is limited so let’s be respectful to each other as well as attendees by making sure you reserve enough space to accommodate your needs. 
  13. By being a vendor you agree to help spread the word about the event. This includes newsletters, social media posts, event listings on your website etc. When we all work together, we all benefit from it. 
  14. I understand that if I selected more than one city above that this contract applies to all selected cities.
  15. Please respect spaces rented by other vendors and keep the expo a safe and professional environment for everyone. 

Do you provide tables and electricity?

We do provide tables, tables may vary by venue but are usually 6 ft or 8 ft long. You are also welcome to bring your own tables as long as they fit within your designated booth space.

Table clothes are also provided upon request.

Electricity is provided but we ask that you only choose electricity if your service or booth requires it for spaces with electricity are limited. A phone charging station will be available at the table with our host for those who need to charge their phones.